Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Britain and TIZ welcomes decision by gov't to draw up a cabinet memo to register the london high court judgement

The British government and transparency international Zambia have welcomed the decision by government to draw up a cabinet memorandum upon which a decision will be made whether government should register the London high court judgement of former president Dr Fredrick chiluba and others in the Lusaka high court.
New British high commissioner to Zambia James Thornton says registration of the London high court judgement in the Lusaka high court will be a great milestone in the fight against corruption.
Mr. Thornton says Britain will continue to priorities its budget support towards Zambia’s fight against corruption stating that the scourge is depriving citizens of the much needed social needs such as health, good education amongst others.
Mr. Thornton said this during the launch of the anti-corruption commission (ACC) and civil society networking programme aimed at strengthening the fight against corruption.
And Mr. Thornton has urged all civil society organizations in the country to exercise high level of integrity by ensuring transparency and accountability in the manner in which they handle resources given to them.
he says there is need for the civil society organizations to provoke debate on corruption adding that Zambia is a fertile ground for the fight against corruption.
And acc director general rosemary wandi has urged the civil society organizations not to only criticize government but provide alternative solutions and suggestions on how corruption can be fought vigorously.
Mrs. Wandi has noted that there is no single player in fight against corruption but all stakeholders must be involved at all levels.
The acc director general says corruption statistics on the ground are not reflecting the reality and levels of corruption hence it is important to partner together so that people have one voice.
She has warned that the commission will not tolerate any civil society organization that will be found to have abused the resources which will be released under the networking programme by stating that the law will follow them.
And speaking on behalf of the civil society organizations Fredrick chinsala urged his fellow civil society organizations to help the acc by explaining to Zambians that the commission is the only authorized body to deal with corruption and what its effects are to the economy and their lives.
Meanwhile speaking in an interview with journalists transparency international Zambia executive director goodwell lungu also welcomed government’s move to register the London high court judgement in the Lusaka high court by stating that this as been long time coming.
Yesterday justice minister Sebastian Zulu disclosed that government is drawing up a cabinet memorandum upon which a decision will be reached on whether it should register the London judgement of Dr Chiluba and other in the Lusaka high court.
And on the appointment of Mr. Alexander museba as deputy acc director, Mr. Lungu has expressed disappointment with the appointment even though the man has been removed and taken to another important government office

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