Sunday, 29 April 2012

ZNFU prodes farmers not to sell their cotton for a song

The Zambia National Farmers’ Union (Znfu) Has Prodded Farmers Not Sell Their Cotton ‘For A Song’ Following Impeccable Information That Cotton Floor Prices May Be Reduced By Almost 50percent This Season.

Znfu President Mr. Jervis Zimba Made The Call To All 68 District Farmers’ Associations Around The Country During The Launch Of The Choma Agricultural Service Yesterday That Farmers Should Not Be Cheated Over Their Sweat And Labour.
Mr. Zimba Says Farmers Should Hold Onto Their Cotton Until They Receive Information From The Union That The Commodity Price Is Right.
He Says The Development Is Extremely Saddening Because Farmers Have Obliged To The Call To Diversify The Agricultural Sector And Have Toiled To Turn The Country Around From Being A Mono –Crop-Producing Country.
Mr. Zimba Says Offering The Farmer Half The Price Of What They Sold Cotton At Last Season Was Tantamount To Sabotage Bent On Frustrating Farmers And Receding To Mono-Crop Agriculture.
The Znfu President Says The Union Will Not Rest Until The Matter Is Addressed, Saying The Turn Of Events Was Causing The Union And Farmers Sleepless Nights.
Last Season Cotton Was Fetching 3,200 Kwacha Per Kg, But Information Has It That The Price For This Marketing Season Will Slump Down To As Low As 1, 500 Kwacha Per Kg

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