Wednesday, 10 October 2012

CNMC to invest $60million at Luanshya copper mine for the construction of a new cobalt treatment plant.

China Non ferrous Metals Company (CNMC) - Luanshya Copper Mines plc plans to spend an estimated cost of $60million to construct the new Cobalt treatment plant at Luanshya Mine.

The construction works are expected to commence in the first quarter 2013.
in an interview in kitwe, CNMC Luanshya copper mines HEAD of PUBLIC RELATIONS AND LOCAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, SYDNEY CHILEYA says the cobalt plant will have an annual production capacity of 2000tonnes of cobalt salt per annum.
Mr. Chileya says the plant is expected to create over 500 permanent jobs for the locals.
He says CNMC-LUANSHYA COPPER MINES will also set up a mini crushing and milling plant at a cost of $40million to provide material from the two slag dump sites located in the plant area for the new cobalt treatment plant.
Mr. Chileya has explained that over the past three years CNMC has pumped into Luanshya Mine about $555million for various company operations
He has reiterated the company’s commitment of being a reliable and committed investor whose vision and desire is to help in the development of not only Luanshya Town, but the country’s economy as a whole.
Mr. Chileya has further stated that besides the $360million which has been spent to develop Muliashi Mine, in the last 3years the mining company has also spent over $70million to upgrade and modernize Baluba Mine.          
He has explained that in June 2009 when CNMC took over Luanshya Mine there was only a force of 1600 workers  but today the mine employees over 3000employees for both Baluba and Muliashi Mines

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