Friday, 2 November 2012

TALC demands for an appeal against the acquittal of kapoko and others

The Treatment Advocacy And Literacy Campaign (Talc) Has Demanded That The Money Which Was Purported To Have Been Stolen Or Misappropriated And Yet It Is Still At The Ministry Of Health, Be Shown To The People Of Zambia As They Are The Rightful Owners.

And Civil Society Activists And People Living With Hiv Have Strongly Called On Government To Quickly And Immediately Appeal The Case Of Kapoko And Others.
They Have Stated That This Will Ensure That Those That Decide To Deep Their Fingers In Public Monies But Do Not Deliver Quality Goods Are Brought To Book And Are Not Being Acquitted When It Is Eminent That Funds Were Embezzled.
Talc Country Director Felix Mwanza Says There Is Need To Provide Certified Bank Statements That Clearly Show That The Money Is Still There To Be Accessed And Used By The Zambian People.
Mr. Mwanza Says Zambians Deserve To Be Shown The 1.9 Billion Kwacha That Was Meant For The Purchase Of Goods Meant For Use By Zambian Mothers Now Because The Money Belongs To The People Of Zambia, Not Selfish Individuals Living Lavish Lives At The Expense Of The Voiceless Poor.
And Mr Mwanza Says Civil Society Activists And People Living With Hiv Are Deeply Dismayed By The Recent Turn Of Events In The Zambian People Against Kapoko And Others Case.
He Says After So Much Campaign Promises To Bring Back Sanity To The Corrupted And Soiled Zambian Society, Certain Trends Seem To Be Continuing As If We Are Still Under The Mmd Government. 
Mr Mwanza Says After The Pain And Anguish Suffered By Plhiv And Community Based Organizations As A Result Of The Global Fund Grant Crunch To Zambia Which Came About As A Result Of The Oig Report, No One Has Been Brought To Book For Causing All This Pain To The Zambian People.
The Talc Country Director Says A Lot Of People Have Died As A Result Of The Global Fund Action To With Hold Grants To Zambia And The Community Response To Hiv/Aids Has Virtually Died As A Result Of This. 
He Says Even To A Layman’s Eye, It Is Quite Clear That Certain People Used Their Privileged Advantage To Win The Tender To Supply Certain Merchandise To The Ministry Of Health.
Mr Mwanza Has Stated That Even If Contracts Are Legally Obtained, But Goods Do Not Arrive At The Medical Stores To Be Used By The Zambian People, Then Something Fishy Must Have Happened.
He Has Wondered That If This Is Not Corruption Of The Highest Order, Then Corruption Must Be Perceived In Different Ways By Different People.

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