Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Gov't calls for Munali constituency, foxdale area land audit

Government through the ministry of lands in collaboration with the ministry of chiefs and traditional affairs has ordered a quick land audit to be carried on fox dale area in Lusaka’s munali constituency immediately.

Lands minister harry Kalaba and his counterpart at the ministry of chiefs and traditional affairs professor nkandu luo called for the audit today when they toured the area which has been embroiled in land wrangles due to displacement and illegal land allocation.
Mr. Kalaba says government will not let the situation get out of hand but will ensure that all people involved in illegal land allocation are brought to book.
He says it is unbecoming for indeginious people to get displaced each and every day from their land by a few selfish individuals and this situation needs urgent attention especially in traditional lands.
Mr. Kalaba says there is need to take a quick audit of the land in fox dale area of Lusaka and the number of indeginious people so that a solution can be found quickly.
And professor luo says there is need for people living on the various lands to turn their natural resources into viable economic resources legally instead of engaging themselves in illegal allocation.
Professor Luo who is also munali constituency PF Member of Parliament says it due to illegal land allocation which has resulted in her ministry to start engaging various traditional leaders so that the best solution to the problem can be found.
Meanwhile some of the displaced people in the area have complained of over the situation and called on their area member of parliament to sort out people in the area who are selling land illegally.

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