Saturday, 8 October 2011


The United States government has urged the zambian government to strengthen the judicial system which it says is important to the growth of the country’s democracy.
Mr. Storella says the United States government is still very impressed with President Michael Sata’s inaugural speech which indicates very important points including good governance and reducing poverty among the most vulnerable Zambian citizenry.
Mr. Storella explains that president Sata’s commitment to fight corruption is a welcome move as it will help reduce poverty in all parts of the country.
The U.S ambassador to Zambia has since pledged that his government will continue working closely with the government of the day for the benefit of all Zambians.
He stressed that it is not possible for anyone to judge the new government for the 15days it has been in office.
Mr. Storella further stated that it is important for any democratic country to have an independent judicial structure adding that reforming of the judicial system also depends on how much energy the government puts in to strengthen it.
President Michael Sata’s government has vowed to reform the judicial structures to make it more effective in the Zambian scenario.

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