Sunday, 4 December 2011

saccord slams amnesty internation for suggesting that african countries should arrest former u.s president george .w.bush during his visit without an indictment

the southern african centre for constructive resolution of disputes (saccord) has scolded amnesty international for suggesting that african countries should arrest former united states president george w. bush during his visit.
saccord says there was no indictment for his arrest.
recently amnesty international called for several african nations to arrest and detain president george bush for authorizing the use of water boarding and other forms of torture.
the organization called for the governments of ethiopia, tanzania and zambia to arrest mr. bush and to secure his presence during the investigation of "his alleged involvement in and responsibility for torture.
president bush who left zambia yesterday morning is visiting also ethiopia, and tanzania this week to raise awareness about cervical and breast cancer and hiv and aids.
but saccord information officer obby chibuluma says the calls from amnesty are baseless and a sheer waste of time adding that the international criminal court has not issued any indictment order to arrest and prosecute president bush.
he says zambia would have had difficulties of where to take the former president had it arrested him as there is no court which has called for his prosecution.

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