Wednesday, 4 January 2012

freshpikt to double its manpower after construction of a new $42million plant in central province

Freshpikt limited will create 500 more jobs for its company after it completes the construction another plant in either mkushi or chibombo and this will increase the number of people employed by the company to 1000.
Freshpikt chairperson chance kabaghe gas disclosed this to radio phoenix in an interview adding that the construction of the tomato production plant in either mkushi or chibombo in central province will increase its production capacity.
Mr. Kabaghe says the doubling in the number of employment by the company will have a huge impact on the Zambians especially those leaving the area were the plant will be constructed and were the current one is operating from.
Freshpikt and a U.S company PS International Limited is expected to invest about $42 million in tomato processing.
The planned investment is part of the K480 billion worth of new investment which was signed during the 10th African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) forum at Mulungushi International Conference Centre
And the Freshpikt chairperson has indicated that the discussion on the construction of the tomato production plant in the central province with the partnership of an America investor has reached an advanced stage.

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