Friday, 6 January 2012

PF-govt vowes to give back the security of the country back to zambians by reversing the sale of zamtel

the ruling patriotic front (pf) says it wants to return security of the country which was put into jeopardy by the previous government back to the zambians by reversing the sale of zamtel which libya owned telecom lap-green bought at a price of $257million.
and the patriotic front has vowed that it will fight corruption even in its own party structures and not just outside as per assertions from the opposition mmd that it is on a witch-hunt or fishing expedition because it is questioning some of the former government party leaders.
pf national secretary general wynter kabimba says the pf government has established that certain transactions like zamtel were not a clean adding that the pf did not approve even when they were in opposition as the felt that it did not have the interest of all zambia.
mr. kabimba says the patriotic front wants to address all the inequalities which were made by the mmd leadership and ensure that they give back to zambians what belongs to them.
he says the pf government shall apologize to those inconvenienced in the process of fighting corruption but not to those found wanting and stole the zambian people’s money.
mr. kabimba was speaking on radio phoenix’s let the people programme this morning.
meanwhile my kabimba has once again directed his party members to assert their authority now that they are in power by not allowing anybody to pour scone on any party leader especially the president.
he has challenge the party leadership to protect the president, the government executive and the party.
and mr. kabimba has charged that pf has done far much better in 90days than the previous government did in 20years due to the policies it has put in place and plans to implement.

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