Friday, 14 December 2012

Chipata General Hospital Runs Out Of Rabies And Yellow Fever Vaccines

Chipata General Hospital Is Reported To Have Run Out Of Rabies And Yellow Fever Vaccines.

This Came To Light During A District Epidemic Preparedness, Prevention, Control And Management Meeting Held At Chipata Municipal Council Chamber Yesterday.

According To A Report Presented To The Meeting, The Demand For Both Vaccines Was High Because Of The District Being A Border Town And A High Number Of Dog Bites.

The Hospital Only Received 37 Doses Of Yellow Fever Vaccines And Has Since Run Out Of The Vaccine As A Result Of A High Number Of People Who Were Going Out And Entering The Country Through Mwami Border Post Who Required Doses Of Yellow Fever As Required By Law.

The Report Also Revealed That As A Result Of A High Number Of Dog Bites, Rabies Vaccines Have Run Out At The Health Institution.

It Was Reported That The District Veterinary Office Was Recording A High Number Of Dog Bites And Most Of The Victims Were Referred To The Hospital Because Most Dogs That Beat People Were Tray Ones.

And The District Veterinary Report Stated That 73 Dog Bites Were Recorded From October To Date And Out Of The Number, 50 Victims Were Referred To The Hospital Because They Were Allegedly Beaten By Stray Dogs, Thereby, Making The Vaccine Run Out.

The Report Has Stated That When One Is Beaten By A Stray Dog, A Rabies Vaccine Is Supposed To Be Administered Because It Is Difficult To Know Whether The Dog Is Vaccinated Against Rabies Or Not Because It Is Of No Fixed Abode,’’.

Meanwhile, The District Epidemic, Preparedness, Management And Control Committee, Has Urged Chipata Municipal Council To Expedite The Dog Registration So That The Pets That Would Be Found To Be Without Owners After The Registration, Could Be Killed.

Chairperson Of The Committee, Kalunga Zulu, Says The Only Way To Get Rid Of Stray Dogs In The Streets Of The Town Was To Register All The Dogs And Make By-Laws To Compel Dog Owners Keep Their Pets In Chains

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