Friday, 14 December 2012

Zambia’s Permanent Representative And Ambassador To The UN, Dr Mwaba Kasese-Bota says Global Health Care Financing Should Work Within The Host Country’s Existing Structures To Improve Efficiencies.

Zambia’s Permanent Representative And Ambassador To The United Nations, Dr Mwaba Kasese-Bota, Says Global Health Care Financing Should Work Within The Host Country’s Existing Structures To Improve Efficiencies As Well As To Reduce Overhead Costs And Duplication Of Efforts.

Addressing The United Nations General Assembly When The 193-Member State Body Considered The Resolution On Global Health And Foreign Policy, Dr Kasese-Bota, Says External Financing Remains An Important Factor In Zambia’s Resource Mobilization And Called For Harmonization In The Use Of Resources.
Dr Kasese-Bota Says Foreign Financing For Universal Health Coverage Should Encourage A Holistic, Comprehensive And Integrated Approach To The Management Of Illnesses Including Tackling The Environmental And Social Causes Of Ill Health As Well As The Management Of Diseases Of Longevity,”

She Says Foreign Financing Mechanisms Which Spell Out Stove Piped Conditions Of Disease Specificity Have Resulted In The Rigid Compartmentalization Of Human Body By Health Personnel Despite The Interconnectedness And The Wholeness Of The Person.”

Dr Kases-Bota Says Universal Health Coverage Require Member States’ To Enrol Their Citizenry In Quantitative And Qualitative Health Care Programmes Provided When And Where Required.

The Ambassador Says Universal Health Coverage Demands Investment In Infrastructure Development And Capacity Building At All Levels Of Service Provision.

She Says The Report Of The Director General Of The World Health Organisation Recommends Improved Coordination, Coherence And Effectiveness Of Governance For Global Health As Well As Addressing The Inter-Linkages Between Health And The Environment And Health And Natural Disasters.

Ambassador Kasese-Bota Says The Recommendations Call For Multi-Disciplinary Coherence And A Relook Of Health As The Fundamental Basis Of Sustainable Development.

She Has Explained That The Zambian Government Advances The Implementation Of Policies And Programmes That Aim To Provide Equity Of Access To Quality And Cost Effective Health Services As Close To The Family As Possible.

The Global Health And Foreign Policy Resolution Emphasizes The Provision Of Affordable Health-Care Services.

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