Friday, 22 March 2013

Gov't advises media houses to establish internal media regulation office before the media council comes into place.

Information and broadcasting permanent secretary Amos malupenga has advised media houses has advised media houses to ensure that they establish internal media regulation office before the media council comes into place.

Mr. Malupenga says the media houses need to establish offices of an ombudsman which will act as a complaints office and judge for each media institution and give adequate advises on the wrongs and rights being committed by the organization.
The information and broadcasting permanent secretary says the office of ombudsman will act as a complaint office for the public and other stakeholders in society.
Mr. malupenga said this during a post freedom committee breakfast in Lusaka today to unveil the posts press ombudsman, sheik chifuwe.
And Mr. Malupenga has applauded the post newspaper for establishing the ombudsman’s office which he says will help the institutions to address all the complaints from the public.
He has noted that the post newspaper is one of the most powerful media institutions, hence it is important that it does not let power get to its head and instead regulate itself.
The information and broadcasting permanent secretary has advised the post to continue demonstrating good practices of journalism.
Speaking earlier post managing editor bivan saluseki has explained that the office of the ombudsman will represent both the public and the newspaper at the same time and all stakeholders are invited and encouraged to get in touch with the office and get their issues head.
Mr. saluseki says establishing the internal media self regulation does not deprive the readers of their rights to seek legal redress if offended in the courts of law.
He says the paper is not in any way trying to shield itself from the law through the internal regulation system but simply putting in measures intended to improve the quality of journalism.
And the incoming post ombudsman sheik chifuwe has pledged his total commitment to the office and engage the public in a way that serves them better and improves the quality of journalism.

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