Wednesday, 27 March 2013

intercity bus terminus to get a face lift at a cost of kr7.7million

The Lusaka city council (LCC) has commenced rehabilitation of intercity bus terminus to turn the infrastructure into a double story building at a cost of over kr7million.

According to Lusaka city council public relations officer Henry kapata, the first phase of the intercity bus terminus which has started will cost the local authorities kr4million.
Mr. kapata says because the project is a double storey facility, the second phase will cost kr3.7million plus bringing the total cost to kr7.7million.
Meanwhile Mr. Kapata says this is purely a council project from the money obtained from the gate takings at intercity bus terminus.
Mr. Kapata says so far the council has already put up a new monitoring facility at the entrance and exit to monitor the duration stay of buses which must be equivalent to the ticket obtained at the entrance gate.
He says this is aimed at not allowing buses to loiter in the station and creating unnecessary congestion.
Mr. Kapata adds that the stands at the new facility will be occupied by everyone irrespective of their political affiliation further warning that harassment of travelers will not be tolerated.

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