Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Delegates At The On On-Going National Convention Have Rejected The Proposal To Raise The Minimum Academic Qualification For Presidential Candidate to A University Degree Or Equivalent And Have Unanimously Resolved To Leave At Grade Twelve Certificate Or Equivalent.

Clause E Of Article 97 Of The First Draft Constitution Of Zambia
States That A Person Qualifies To Be Nominated As Candidate For
Election For As President If That Person Has Obtained,As A Minimum Academic Qualification,A Grade 12 Certificate Or Its Equivalent.
Debating The Matter,Some Delegates Observed That It Is Important That A Presidential Candidate Has A University Degree So That He Can Be Able To Understand And Analyse Issues.
However,Kalomo Member Of Parliament Request Muntanga Submitted That Having A University Degree Is Not The Only Way That The Person Holding The Office Of The President Can Be Able To Analyse And Understand Issues But Noted That Having A Grade Twelve Certificate Or Its Equivalent Is Sufficient.
Voting For The Age Limit For The President Has Been Defferred.
And The National Convention Has Unanimously Resolved That High
Commissioners And Ambassadors Appointed By The President To Represent Zambia Be Subjected To Ratification By Parliament.
Former Secretary To The Cabinet Dr Sketchley Sacika Submitted That The Country Need A Foreign Service Manned By People Who Are Competent And Qualified For Their Jobs While Former Minister Of Foreign Affairs Lieutenant General Ronnie Shikapwashab Also Submitted That People Appointed To Serve The Country In Foreign Service Must Be Professionals If They Are To Represent The Country Effectively.
Meanwhile Various Organisations In The Country Have Continued To Call On Government To Make The Constitution Making Process Legal By Establishing A Regulatory Framework On Which It Will Be Based.

Forum For Democracy Development (Fdd) Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza Says Lack Of A Legal Framework To The Constitution Making Process Leaves Room For Manipulation By The President And His Cabinet.
Open Society Foundation Executive Director Sunday Chanda Zambians For A Long Time Have Been Denied Of A Good Constitution For A Long Time Because They Have Not Been Participating In The Governance Of Their Country.
Foundation For Democratic Process Programmes Officer Chileshe Nsama Zambia Needs A Constitution Which Will Drive The Country Forward And Not Going Backwards Every Time.
And Young African Leadership Initiative Executive Director Andrew Nthewewe Has Insisted That The Process Is Still Illegal Because It Has No Legal Backing And Its Outcome Will Be Questionable.
Opposition Mmd Special Assistant To The President Rafael Nakachinda Has Expressed Shock And Surprise That Certain People Are Already Celebrating Before The Process Can Even Be Concluded.

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