Friday, 20 December 2013

lukanga water and sewerage company needs a total investment of about $218 million by 2030

lukanga water and sewerage company needs a total investment of about $218 million for it to start providing adequate services by 2030.

lukanga water and sewerage company board chairperson vernon chinene says the company has however broken it down into a five year business plan from 2013 to 2017 which amounts to $26.6 million comprising both development investment and operational investments.
mr. chinene says while the company waits for the fruition of some of the business proposals to materialize, it has purchased four thousand meters using internal resources.
he says the company is embarking on 100percent metering of all its customers in an effort to reduce non revenue water which currently is at 48percent and also carrying out pipe location activities and mapping of its entire network, starting with kabwe.
mr. chinene says lukanga water has realized the need to integrate investment and business planning into operations and this has resulted in the company to categorize investments into development investment and operational investment dealing with capital or infrastructure investment and efficiency improvement interventions respectively.
he says the investments are intended to meet immediate needs towards achieving a high level of customer satisfaction, service quality, and efficiency and enhanced access to water supply and sanitation services.
meanwhile mr. chinene says among the successes recorded in 2013 is the sector ranking improvement from the 6th position in the sector report for 2011/2012 to fifth position in the 2012/2013 reporting period even though the improvement might be slight, but it is proof that the company is moving in the right direction.
the lukanga water and sewerage company board chairperson made these remarks during the official makululu water supply project commissioning held yesterday in kabwe.
and central province minister obvious mwaliteta has applauded the devolution trust fund (dtf) for having provided the funds amounting to one million and fifty three thousand kwacha for the project to succeed.
mr. mwaliteta says government appreciates such concerted efforts from cooperating partners and other stakeholders who are helping it to work towards the attainment of the millennium development goals in terms of reducing the number of people without access to water and sanitation.
he says government is not just ending at water supply provision, but is going further in ensuring that people also access proper sanitation as the old adage says, “water is life, sanitation is dignity.
mr. mwaliteta has further warned individuals who are retrogressive or may have intentions of perpetrating vandalism, the pf government does not condon such vices and anyone who will be found guilty of having stolen or vandalized any of the water infrastructures will be brought to book.
the makululu water project which is in bwacha constituency in kabwe of central province has constructed 20 water kiosks in 5 different wards of chililalila, makanda nyama, makululu, moomba and zambezi wards replacing the 23 stands taps which were operational before the project translates into 80 taps.
before the project, there were only 20 yard connections, but with the project, an additional 100 yard connections have been made for those along the service lines.
a total of 7.26 kilometres of pipe network has been rehabilitated reducing water leakages and water loss in the area.

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