Monday, 16 December 2013

Zambian Gov't spent 4billion kwacha on road accidents in 2012 ---Mukanga

Government has disclosed that last year it spent about 4billion kwacha on road accidents.

And government has applauded the road and safety agency for enforcing section 160 of the road traffic act number 11 of 2002 which provides for weekend imprisonment relating to drinking and drinking by taking about 500cases to the fast track court.
Transport, works, supply and communications minister yamfwa mukanga says 89percent of accidents are caused by human errors and drinking and driving.
Mr. Mukanga says the country records about 1200 deaths per month due to drank and driving.
He says impaired judgement due to drink and driving resulted in most road fatalities.
Mr. Mukanga says there is need for motorists to reflect on drinking and driving during this festival season to avoid any fatalities.
He also says on average one pedestrian is knocked down on Kafue road due to carelessness or being drunk.
Mr. Mukanga says government is concerned with road accidents and would like this situation to be addressed urgently.
And road and safety agency chief executive director zindaba soko says the agency is demanding road discipline during the festival period.
Mr. soko says the Agency will not hesitate to punish those flaunting the road laws.
The agency through Mr. soko has also applauded parliament for throwing out the motion which wanted to reverse the decision on weekend imprisonment from the opposition.
He has also called on the corporate entities to take matter of road carnages seriously to avoid fatal accidents.
Mr. soko says the agency will be on the lookout for this period and ensure that they enforce the law adequately

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