Friday, 20 December 2013

Mutati demands for the budget act to be sent to parley for further review

former commerce minister felix mutati has called on the patriotic front government to take the budget act to parliament in the next sitting for further review.

 Mr. mutati says reviewing the act will allow adequate participation of law makers on issues such as internal and external borrowing.
mr. mutati who is also mmd lunte member of parliament says at the moment the budget has loopholes which does not allow zambians through their members of parliament to criticize when government is making certain decision such as borrowing.
he says parliament must be given an opportunity to question government as to why it is borrowing adding that this will also bring about accountability and transparency in the manner government borrows.
and Mr. mutati has described the year 2013 as difficult one in terms of economic governance for the ruling patriotic front.
he says the pf has made a number of blunders and this has made it difficult to reach targeted economic performance and improvement

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