Saturday, 21 July 2012

Stop distorting facts over appointment of mmd deputy ministers, president sata tell dr mumba

President Micheal sata says the attacks by opposition MMD president Dr Nevers mumba that appointing of some of his party members of parliament as deputy ministers is like obliterating the opposition in the country as deliberate distortion of facts.

In response to Dr mumba’s letter date July 11, 2012, titled preservation of democracy, President Sata in his letter dated 20th July says it is shameful that Dr Mumba has come out guns blazing on the matter which he embraced only a few years ago simply because it prompted direct benefits to him.
He says it is frankly staggering to envision, let alone think, that this dishonesty, deliberate distortion of facts and acute appetite to cause confusion in the governance of the country is emanating from a well known man of the collar.
President sata says it is even worse that Dr mumba has deliberately chosen to betray Zambian people through premeditated acts of twists and fixes in order to gratify the self esteem.
He has questioned Dr Mumba’s conscience over the matter of appointing members of the opposition to save as deputy ministers stating that dr mumba’s is not the right person to comment over this matter looking and remembering his nomadic political history.
President sata has stated that as politicians him and dr mumba have a role to play in moving the country forward adding that opposing for the sake of just opposing will be immoral and since the party manifesto states that it shall fight corruption and bring about integrity in politics.
He has underlined that his government is determined to preside over the affairs of this country in a reconciliatory and inclusive manner adding that he is glad dr mumba has agreed that the appointments are in line with the constitution of Zambia.
President sata says as a head of state he will never turn back from Zambians who offer themselves for public service regardless of their political affiliation.
He saya Zambia is bigger than any politician in the country including the president and the earlier dr mumba and the opposition grasped the fact, the better for the country

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