Friday, 20 July 2012

ZFE writes minister of labour fackson Shamenda requesting him to revise the minimum wage downwards

The Zambia federation of employers (ZFE) has written to the minister of labour fackson Shamenda requesting him to revise the minimum wage downward and not leave the matter in its current state stating that it is a stumbling block to economic and job growth.

Meanwhile the Zambia federation of employers (ZFE) has expressed disappointment in the manner their fellow trade unionist fackson Shamenda has been handling labour minister after assuming office as a minister of labour.
Meanwhile the ZFE executive director Harrington chibanda has challenged Mr. Shamenda to tell the nation which act of the law he will use to penalize any employer who will terminate the employment of their employees.
Mr. chibanda says the trade union has written to the minister on several grounds on which it is contending and the most cardinal ones are based on the economic growth visa vie job creation whilst still maintain those in existence and the second one on law.
And chibanda has charged that Mr. Shamenda has abrogated the act number 3 subsection 2 of the laws of Zambia which deals with collective bargaining and minimum wages and conditions acts were wages are determined by bargaining.
He says Mr. Shamenda also violated section 83 of the industrial relations act of the laws of Zambia.
Mr. chibanda has stated that it is high time Mr. Shamenda stopped misleading cabinet and president Sata’s government over the matter and takes back the matter to the drawing table.
he says zfe is not in a fight with government but only wants the minister to revisit his decision before adverse economic effects are felt by ordinary employers and employees.
meanwhile mr chibanda has described mr shamenda has undemocratic stating that he is bulldozing his way through things compared to his predecessor austin liato who used to consult all stakeholders.

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