Thursday, 26 July 2012

ZICTA embarks on development and implementation of a comprehensive national addressing system in zambia

The Zambia Information And Communications Technology Authority (Zicta) Has Embarked On The Development And Implementation Of A Comprehensive National Addressing System In Zambia Called The National Addressing And Postcode Project.

An Address Is A Means Of Identifying A Location That Enables People To Reach It As Well As Various Goods And Services To Be Delivered To That Location.
The Location Can Be A Home Or Shop, Factory Or Any Business.
Zicta Public Relations Officer Chisha Shimungalu Says In A Statement To Radio Phoenix That Without Addresses, Ambulances, Fire-Fighters, Police And Security Services Cannot Get To Those In Need, In Good Time.
Furthermore, Postal And Courier Companies Cannot Deliver Their Letters And Parcels Efficiently.
She Says Utility Companies Will Also Find It Extremely Challenging To Deliver Essential Services Such As Water And Electricity, And To Collect Revenue From Their Customers In The Absence Of An Addressing System.
Mrs. Shimungalu Says Opening A Bank Account Or Buying Goods On A Hire Purchase Agreement All Require A Verifiable Physical Address To Be Provided.
She Says The Lack Of Addresses Is Therefore A Barrier Not Only To The Provision Of Postal And Courier Services, But A Host Of Social And Commercial Services As Well.
The Zicta Public Relations Officer Stresses That Addresses Are In This Sense, Essential For Social And Economic Development As They Allow People To Be Connected To The Formal Economy.
Mrs. Shimungalu Says Unfortunately, The Majority Of People In Zambia And Most Developing Countries Do Not Have An Address In The True Meaning Of The Word.
She Says Apart From Selected Neighbourhoods In Lusaka And The Copperbelt Provinces Which Have Properly Named Streets With Logically Allocated House Numbers That Are Easy To Locate, Most Of The Country Is In Dire Need Of Address Infrastructure.
Zicta Further Notes That The Post Office Box Or “P.O.Box” Addressing System, Which Is Currently The Most Widely Used In The Country, Is Clearly Not Sufficient To Cater For The Whole Population And More Importantly, Cannot Provide The Various Benefits That Are Associated With A Physical Or Residential Address Mainly Because The P.O. Box Resides At A Post Office, And Not At The Renter’s Home Or Business Premises.
The Authority Says It Is Against This Background That Zicta Has Prioritised The Development And Implementation Of The National Addressing And Postcode Project.
The System Is Expected To Be Of Great Benefit, Not Only To The Delivery Of Postal And Courier Services That Are Regulated By Zicta, But Also Positively Impact The Response To Fire, Police And Ambulance Emergency Services By Various Wings Of Government.
Mrs. Shimungalu Says It Is Also Expected That Revenue Collection By Various Agencies Of Government Will Be Enhanced As People And Businesses Will Be Easy To Trace

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