Friday, 20 July 2012

tanzania suspected criminal burnt to ashes

A  Tanzanian suspected criminal has been
burnt to  ashes by an angry mob from Tanzania.
Both Muchinga province deputy commissioner of police Chilije Nyirenda
and Nakonde district commissioner James Singoyi have confirmed the
incident in separate interviews.
Mr. Singoyi said the middle aged Tanzanian national was being chased
from Vwawa, about 30 km from Nakonde border for allegedly stealing a
motor bike.
Mr. Singoyi explained that over 20 motor bikes from Tanzania chased
the young man who wanted to sneak into Zambia but they caught him on
the no-mans land.
He said that the man was stripped naked, beaten and later a vehicle
tyre was tied round his neck before it was sprayed with petrol and set
him on fire in full view on-lookers.
The incident happened on Wednesday this week at about 15:00 hours
near the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) East church in Nyondo area.
Police from Nakonde who arrived first at the scene watched hopelessly
as the man burnt to ashes.
Tanzanian police later came and picked the remains of the man who is
said to have allegedly stole about 10 motorbikes from October last
year  to date.
At least one suspected thief is burnt to ashes at the border town of
Tunduma in Tanzania every month.
The police deputy commissioner Mr. Nyirenda said the deceased has been
identified as a Tanzanian national and that the case is being handled
by police from that country.

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