Thursday, 10 May 2012

CCZ president reverend moses mwale advises the zambia church to actively p[articipate in the review of the just released draft constitution

Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) President, Reverend Moses Lucas Mwale has advised the Zambian church to actively participate in the review of the just released draft constitution.

Reverend Mwale told the 22 member churches belonging to CCZ gathered at the Kingsley Mwenda Conference Centre in Makeni that the church’s prophetic role in the nation cannot take place without a good constitution being put in place.
He says CCZ had previously boycotted the constitution making process because the church knew that that process would not have produced a constitution that stood the test of time and or a people driven constitution that spoke to Zambian’s feelings and aspirations.
Reverend Mwale has also congratulated the Technical committee for producing a good first draft that has attempted to include all the demands of the Zambian people.
He has urged the Government not to throw away the good work that the Technical Committee Drafting the Constitution has made so far adding that the work that the committee has done has cost time and tax payers’ money and the government needed to ensure that these resources are not wasted by people trying to hijack or derail the constitution-making process.
Reverend Mwale has also appealed to the church to be vigilant and make accountable to those that are entrusted with government power.
CCZ has gathered all its 22 member churches to study and discuss the contents of the just released draft constitution.
The church leaders are expected to take to their churches the draft constitution for further debate and discussion and at the end of the process produce a report suggesting changed that would be given back to the Technical committee.

To help understand the contents of the draft constitution, CCZ has invited experts to lead the church leaders in understanding the draft constitution

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