Tuesday, 22 May 2012

DEC moves in to stop bob marley concert for drug abuse

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), instituted investigations into what transpired at the Bob Marley concert.

the Commission will also engage relevant authorities including other Law Enforcement Agencies in seeing how these Bob Marley concerts, which have become a breeding ground for drug traffickers and abusers, can be halted.
DEC public relations officer Samuel silomba says it is the desire of the Commission that communities and members of the public at large will participate in making our country a drug free nation.
Mr silomba says the commission would like to set the records straight regarding the impression created in the media about the abuse of drugs at the Bob Marley Memorial Concert by stating that the Commission does not give permission to anyone to abuse or traffic in illicit drugs neither does it issue permits to anyone to hold concerts or events in the Country.
He says those who were involved in abusing and trafficking in illicit drugs at the so called Bob Marley Memorial concert did so with the full knowledge that they were breaking the law.
Mr silomba says the Commission will endeavour to bring anyone abusing or trafficking in illicit drugs to book

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