Wednesday, 9 May 2012


The European Union Has Made Available An Additional 44million Euros To Specifically Reduce Mother And Child Mortality In Zambia.

However The E.U Has Warned That At The End Of Its Current European Development Fund Financial Cycle, The Money Will Not Be Committed Hence It Is Important That The Zambian Government Designs Projects And Agree With It On Policy Decisions Which Would Allow For An Effective Implementation Of The Support.

European Union Head Of Delegation, Gilles Hervio Says The Eu Is Ready To Share With The Zambian Government Its Experiences And Support The Government With Technical Assistance From Europe And Other Parts Of The World.

Ambassador Hervio Has Also Called On The Zambian Government To Attract More European Investors As The Country Offers Ample Opportunities For The Private Sector To Invest In Various Sectors.

Ambassador Hervio Who Was Speaking During The European Day In Lusaka Further Says Europe Will Come Out Of The Crisis It Is Facing Currently Even Stronger Than It Is Now.

And Speaking In An Interview With Journalists’ Vice President Dr Guy Scot Has Called On The Civil Servants In The Country To Work Hard And Ensure That The Money Which Cooperating Partners Are Giving Zambia Is Put To Good Use.

Dr Scot Says Zambia Will Utilize The Opportunity Of Accessing The Money Which Has Been Made Available To Improve The Health System In The Country.
And Dr Scot Also Outlined The Importance Of Strengthening The Relationship Between Zambia And Europe By Stating That Zambia And Europe Needs Each Other In Terms Of Economic Development

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