Wednesday, 2 May 2012

NWASCO calls on the media to fully embrace developmental reporting

The National Water Supply and Sanitation Council (NWASCO) has called on the media to fully embrace developmental reporting and produce in-depth stories, features and analyses  on issues that are critical to people’s  well being such as water , sanitation, health, environmental matters among others.
In joining the media fraternity as they commemorate World Press Freedom Day which falls tomorrow 3rd May 2012 under the theme “access to information a pre requisite to a transformed society” NWASCO observes that there is need for the media to have a sustained commitment reporting on water and sanitation issues and their impact on national development.  
In view of the role the media plays to foster development through dissemination of information to the masses, continuous engagement in developmental reporting is critical, if an in-depth understanding of water and sanitation issues is to be appreciated by the public. 
NWASCO notes that accurate information on sector development will induce a sense of responsibility among consumers of water and sanitation services by fully understanding their rights and obligations and also push water and sanitation on top of the political agenda. 
The council says there is need for the masses to appreciate challenges and efforts being made to ensure provision of quality water and sanitation for all.
NWASCO further observes that in the first quarter of 2012 there has been an increase in the number of water and sanitation stories captured by the media compared to last year. 
The Water and Sanitation Regulator has since commended the media for its continued effort in highlighting water supply and sanitation issues.  
Meanwhile NWASCO would is also calling for media entries for its Seventh Water and Sanitation Media Awards slated for August 2012.
The NWASCO media awards to individual journalists reinforce the importance of the role that journalists play in national development and reward journalistic talent that reports water and sanitation issues.  
The Annual awards worth 10 Million Kwacha recognize and celebrate the hard work, the talent, the sacrifice and the dedication of Zambian journalists in highlighting water supply and sanitation issues.
Journalists are now welcome to participate in the competition for the 2012 Water and Sanitation media awards by submitting their articles to NWASCO.
The NWASCO water and sanitation media awards were founded in 2005.
They aim to reinforce the importance of the journalists’ role in sustainable development and to reward and recognize journalistic talent in reporting water and sanitation

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