Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Global fund resumes funding to zambia's health sector with an initial amount of $100m

The global fund which halted its funding to the ministry of health due to misapplication of funds and lack transparency and accountability during the old regime has resumed funding to the ministry of health and has released about $100million from the fund under round 8 of phase 2.

The global fund which was established in 2002 as a unique public private partnership and international financing institution dedicated to attracting and disbursing additional resources to prevent and treat HIV and AIDS is an indispensable financier of programmes to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and malaria.
The partnership represents an innovative approach to international health financing and is based on the concept of country ownership and performance-based funding.
Zambia has been a partner to the global fund since 2003 and to date the fund has approved a budget of $951million with $475million disbursed to the country to fight HIV and AIDs, malaria and tuberculosis through round 1 in 2002 where Zambia was awarded $192million for all interventions.
Round 4 in 2004 the fund awarded Zambia $253million for antiretroviral therapy (ART) and $43million for malaria Round 7 in 2007 the fund awarded the country $24million for TB and $37million for malaria and these 3 rounds have since closed.
Round 8 in 2008 the global fund awarded the country $292million for HIV/AIDS including health systems strengthening and the total for phase 1 is $129million and the round is currently active.
Meanwhile round 10 in 2010 for HIV/AIDs treatment the fund awarded Zambia $256million and this round is currently active.
The approved $100million is the continuation of the round 8 HIV phase 2 grants for churches health association of Zambia (CHAZ), Zambia national AIDs network, (ZNAN) and the ministry of finance will run for three years with effect from July 2012.
And health minister Dr Joseph kasonde says the resumption in funding gives the country a new window of hope adding that Zambia is indebted to the global fund for restoring the support to the national HIV response which will see majority of beneficiaries receiving different services, particularly those in rural communities.
Dr kasonde says government will put in place systems and mechanisms that will ensure transparency and accountability in the application of HIV and AIDS, TB and malaria resources.

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