Tuesday, 12 June 2012

PF youths give opposition upnd leader h.h to apologise or face massive demos

Lusaka province ruling patriotic front (PF) youth have vowed to demonstrate against opposition UPND president hakainde hichilema for altering derogatory statements against President Micheal sata if he does not retract his statement within 48hours.

Lusaka province youth chairperson Daniel kalembe says the recent political acts by Mr. hichilema are becoming questionable as to what type of a politician he wants to be in the next few years more especially in 2016 when the country holds its general elections.
Mr. Kalembe has stated that the Lusaka PF youths have informed their counterparts in other provinces of their intentions so that they can come together to demonstrate countrywide afterwards if the UPND leader does not apologize.
He says the youths are dismayed by oldest politicians like Mr. Hichilema who currently are not providing inspirations to them as they have nothing to offer to the ordinary Zambian which is constructive.
And bahati Member of Parliament harry kalaba has advised Mr. Hichilema to concentrate on building his party which has been losing popularity through reduction in the number of members of parliament since he took over as president.
Meanwhile Mr. kalaba has advised the top leadership of the PF not to respond to Mr. hichilema but leave it to councilors who were even elected by the people unlike him, who is still weeping at the lose of 2011 general elections.

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