Tuesday, 12 June 2012

tanazian airline, precision air to expand its flights to zambia by june 22, 2012

A Tanzanian airline, precision air plans to expand its flight services into Zambia and the democratic republic of Congo (DRC) on 22nd June in a bid to boost trade between the three countries.

Precision air which started its commercial flights in 1993 with domestic routes across Tanzania and Zanzibar has envisioned extending its wings to Zambia because of the vast potential that the country and Tanzania have as bilateral partners as well as stakeholders in the great lakes region and SADC.
Precision air country manager Emmanuel n’gandu says apart from promoting tourism in the region most significantly, the airline is committed to eliminating the hassle which traders between Zambia and Tanzania endure by travelling almost 10hours plus through south Africa or Nairobi to arrive in Lusaka or dar-es-salaam via the business complex Lubumbashi.
Mr. N’gandu adds that this will offer an opportunity for cargo to be transited, save time for traders and businessmen across the dar-es-salaam port by air instead of the traditional road transport that traders are used.
The precision air country manager was speaking during the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding (M.O.U) between the airline and cross boarder traders association (CBTA).
Speaking at the same signing ceremony, CBTA chairman general Elliot kabinda has appealed to their airline to extend its wings also to dubai and Johannesburg via Lusaka as most of the traders use these destinations to do their business

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