Tuesday, 19 June 2012

unsafe abortion contributes over 47,000 women deaths under maternal mortality world wide f

A New Study On Unsafe Abortion Called Operations Research Study Conducted By The Ministry Of Health, Ipas And Strategic Partners Has Revealed That Unsafe Abortion Contributes Significantly To Maternal Mortality Worldwide, Killing Approximately 47, 000 Women Each Year.

According To The Study, In Zambia 591 Matenal Deaths Occur For Every 100,000 Live Births, And Roughly 30percent Of These Deaths Are Due To Unsafe Abortion.
Abortion Has Been Legal Under Broad Circumstances In Zambia Since 1972 However, Legal Abortion Services Have Not Been Widely Available In Health Centers Or Hospitals Compelling Women To Turn To Illegal Providers And Unsafe Methods, Resulting In Death And Injuries That Are More Difficulty And Costly To Treat.
Speaking During The Unveiling Of The Results From The Study At A Workshop Held In Lusaka Today, Health Minister Dr Joseph Kasonde Says Unsafe Abortion Is One Of The Major Causes Of Maternal Mortality And His Ministry Is Taking Firm And Steady Action On Maternal Death.
He Pointed Out That In Zambia Unsafe Abortion Is Said To Contribute About 30percent Of Maternal Deaths According To A Study Done At The University Teaching Hospital A Few Years Ago Hence It Is Imperative To Address The Scourge If The Country Has To Stop Women From Dying Unnecessarily And Attain The Mdg Number 5.
Ipas Country Director Felicia Sakala Noted That The Country Is Spending Huge Sums Of Money To Conduct Illegal Abortions Which Are Causing Deaths Hence It Is Important That Policies Relating To Abortion Are Reviewed In That At The Moment Such Actions Are Illegal In Zambia.
Mrs. Sakala Says Ensuring Access To Safe, Legal Abortion Care And Preventing Unsafe Abortions And The Unwanted Pregnancies Preceding Them Could Save Zambian Women’s Health And Save The Country Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

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