Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Mamba Collieries Limited’s Coal Sales Expected To Go Up From 30,000 Metric Tonnes Per Month To 80,000 Metric Tonnes By 2014

Mamba Collieries Limited’s Coal Sales Are Expected To Go Up From 30,000 Metric Tonnes Per Month To 80,000 Metric Tonnes By 2014 Following  Improved Production After The Company Commissioned The New $25million Coal Washing Plant In April This Year.

According To Resident Director Ashwin Devineni, The Electric Power Construction (Epc) Contract Which Was Signed With Sepco This Year In February For The Construction Of A 300 Mega Watts Coal Fired Power Plant, Mining Operations Side By Side With Works On The Plant Are Progressing Well.
Mr. Devineni Says The  Commissioning Of The Phase One Of The 300 Mega Watts Plant Will Take Place In  Approximately 30 Months Time And Once Construction Is Concluded, Maamba Collieries Limited Will Have The Largest Coal Fired Power Plant.
And Mr. Devineni Says So Far Mamba Collieries Limited Has Spent About $20million To Construct The Power Thermal Plant But Is Expected To Spend About $600million At The End Of  The Construction Under Phase One.
He Says  To Achieve This ,The Company Has Initiated The Process Of Recruiting Zambian Engineering Graduates And Experienced Technical Candidates Who Will Undergo Rigorous Training During The Construction  Of The First Phase For The Operation Of The Thermal Power Plant.
Mr. Devineni Also Says With The Engagement Of Various Contractors To Carry Out Works For Maamba Collieries Limited, A Lot Of Local People Have Been Employed By The Contractors And This Situation Has Improved The Level Of Economic Activity In Maamba Town.
He Says Apart From Civil, Construction And Mining Related Works, It Is Mamba Collieries Limited’s Aim To Recruit And Train Local Talent To Run Critical Equipment Such As The Coal Washing Plant And The Power Plant.
Meanwhile Mr. Devineni  Further Says The Mamba-Batoka Road Bridge Need To Be Upgraded  By Making It Wider And Permanent Instead Of The Current Situation Where Temporary Bridges Are Too Weak And Frequently Get Washed Away During The  Rainy Season.

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