Monday, 3 September 2012

Zambia Land Alliance expresses deep saddness by the reported likely displacement of over 134 families in Chief Kanyeshya’s area in Mkushi District.

Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA) is deeply saddened by the reported likely displacement of over 134 families in Chief Kanyeshya’s area in Mkushi District describing the story which appeared in the media recently, as unfortunate.

Zambia Land Alliance Chairperson Caesar Katebe says the issue should be addressed as a matter of urgency stating that such occurrences of land being given away usually at the expense of local communities would be highly unlikely if the country had adequate laws to protect people on their land.

Mr. Katebe has called on Government through the relevant line Ministries to intervene in this matter and ensure that the people stay on their land as they clearly will have nowhere to go and will have no sure means of survival.

He says investment should never be at the expense of poor Zambians adding that it was unfortunate that some traditional leaders who are supposed to protect the people’s land are the ones being accused of giving it away without bearing in mind that they were disadvantaging their people.

Mr. Katebe has noted that there is a growing dangerous trend of traditional leaders selling land without considering the livelihood of the people.

The Zambia land alliance chairperson has called on the Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs to develop a mechanism on how traditional leaders can be held accountable on land governance by their subjects.

Meanwhile people of makupu area in bwacha constituency of central province have appealed to government to legalize the forest in the area which has been illegal but has people occupying it for over 20years.

Speaking through their bwacha constituency area member of parliament Sydney mushanga, the residents have stated that they are unable to carry out any farming activities as the land is prohibited.
Mr. Mushanga says development will only be taken to the area if people can have some economic activities taking place.

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