Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Zambia's president micheal sata confers with UN-secretary general ban ki-moon on various national issues

President Micheal Sata Yesterday Held A Closed-Door Meeting With United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon, On The Side-Lines Of The Un General Assembly

President Sata And Mr Ban Discussed, Among Other Issues, The Preparations For The Un World Tourism Organisation (Wto) General Assembly To Be Co-Host By Zambia And Zimbabwe In August 2013 And The Constitution Making Process In Zambia.

The Duo Also Discussed Zambia’s Desire To Establish An Institute For International Studies In Honour Of The Late Dag Hammarskjold, The Un Secretary General Who Died In A Plane Accident In Ndola.

Dag Hammarskjöld, Born On 29 July 1905, Was A Swedish Diplomat, Economist And Author, Who Died In A Plane Crash On 18th September 1961 On His Way To Zaire (Now Democratic Republic Of Congo) To Negotiate A Cease Fire There.

Mr Hammarskjold, The Second Secretary-General Of The Un, Served From April 1953 Until His Death.

President Sata And Mr Ban Also Discussed The Cluster Munition.

Zambia’s Foreign Minister, Given Lubinda, Was Recently Elected As In-Coming President Of The State Parties To The Convention On Cluster Munitions.

Zambia Will Host The Cluster Munition Convention, Which Is A Un Convention, In 2013.

Mr Ban Pledged To Support Zambia’s Preparation For The Cluster Munition Convention And The Country’s Presidency.

A Cluster Munition Is A Form Of Ground-Launched Explosive Weapon That Ejects Smaller But Highly Destructive Sub Munitions.

The Convention On Cluster Munitions Prohibits All Use, Stockpiling, Production And Transfer Of Cluster Munitions.

President Sata Was Accompanied By Mr Lubinda, Zambia’s Permanent Representative To The United Nations, Ambassador Dr Mwaba Kasese-Bota And Attorney General Mr Mumba Malila, State Counsel.

Mr Ban Was Accompanied By Un Chef De Cabinet, Susana Malcorra, Among Other Un Senior Officials.

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