Thursday, 13 September 2012

Zambia's immigration department intercepts former zambia railyways chief executive officer benjamin even and his general manager pelossor yair after trying to leave the country.

Attempts By Former Railway Systems Of Zambia Chief Executive Officer Benjamin Even To Sneak Out Of  The Country Were This Morning Thwarted At Kenneth Kaunda international airport.

Mr Even Alongside   Mr Pelossor Yair, General Manager, At The Railway Systems Of Zambia Was Trying To Exit The Country Through Kenneth Kaunda Airport In Lusaka On The Early Morning Flight To Johannesburg.
The Department Of Immigration Were However At Hand To Intercept The Duo.
Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Maxwell Nkole Has Told Radio Phoenix In A Statement That Upon Being Intercepted, The Duo Were Found With Railway Systems Of Zambia Employment Permits Which Have Since Been Withdrawn And Their Passports Temporarily Withheld.
Mr Nkole Has Explained That This Was Done In The Presence Of Their Lawyers In Order That They Can Assist In The Smooth Transfer Of Management At The Company.
The Permanent Secretary Has Further Explained That The Action Was Necessary To Facilitate The Audit Of Assets By The Government Following The Termination Of The Concession Agreement.
Mr Nkole Says It Is Important That A Full Audit Of All Assets Is Thoroughly Undertaken With The Assistance Of The Former Management.
Mr Nkole Has Confirmed That On The Other Hand, Former Expatriate Employees Of Railway Systems Of Zambia Who Intend To Travel Out Of The Country Are Advised To Formalize Their Travel With The Department Of Immigration.
Government Early This Week Announced Its Decision To Repossess Railway Systems Of Zambia.
Meanwhile Sources Have Questioned Why The Two Directors Wanted To Leave The Country Before The Matter Is Concluded

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