Monday, 17 September 2012

Zambian earned $1.8billion from non traditional export in 2011.

Government through Zambia development agency has engaged a South African company, Africa trade and Far East to help market the country’s products such as copper, tobacco, sugar, cotton, electrical cables, cement, fresh flowers and precious stones.

Meanwhile ZDA director of export promotion and market development glyn michelo says Zambia recorded a steady growth of about 20.95percent in total export of non traditional foods which earned the country from $1.4billion in 2010 to $1.8billion 2011.
Mr. michelo says the major exported products in 2011 included copper wires, tobacco, white spoon sugar, electrical cables, cotton, chemicals, cement, fresh flowers and precious/semi-precious stones.
He says the process of trade is facing a number of challenges such as lack of information on standard, high cost of financing, lack of product diversification and supply constraints.
Mr. Michelo says exports between Zambia and China rose by 156percent from over 188million dollars in 2007 compared to over 482million dollars in 2009.
He says the exports further increased by 4.3 from over 1.5billion dollars in 2012 to over 1.6billion dollars in 2011.
He says the export trends fluctuated mainly due to variations in the export of copper related products.
Mr. Michelo has pointed out that it is for this reason that ZDA has engaged African trade and Far East Company to help foster and improve the trade between Asian countries and Zambia.
Mr. michelo said this in a speech ready on his behalf by Zambia development agency acting manager for export promotion felix kaitisha during the export, import and trade facilitation workshop in Lusaka.

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