Tuesday, 25 September 2012

zambian gov't and UN launches an over $15million 4years gender based violence joint programme

Government and the united nation (UN) have today launched a four years joint programme on gender based violence with a total budget of about $15, 570,000.

The government-UN fours programme on gender based violence aims to establish an integrated and multi-sectoral mechanism for the effective and comprehensive implementation of the ant-gender based violence act number 2011.
The four years programme whose total budget is $15, 570, 000 will seek to increase the health sector’s involvement in addressing GBV IN ZAMBIA, and establish appropriate judicial and legal systems to effectively implement the anti-GBV ACT.
IT will also seek to scale up social protection systems for prevention and management of GBV, Including integrated approaches to economic empowerment of GBV survivors and establish an effective coordination mechanism for an integrated GBV response in the country.
The specific objectives also form the pillars of the joint programme and structure its response along the lines of priority areas, namely health, legal, socio-economic and coordination.
Zambia's Gender minister inonge wina says the establishment of an integrated and multi-sectoral system will enable the country to approach the fight against GBV from a holistic manner and facilitate timely and appropriate health services.
Mrs. Wina says the joint programme will further contribute to an efficient justice delivery system as well as protection and support services.
and Zambia's United Nations (UN) country coordinator kani wignaraja has advised government to also make rape a non-bail able offence like in other countries if the scourge has to be fought at all levels.
Ms wignaraja further appealed to government and other stakeholders to continue with tireless advocacy and prevention campaigns to stop alarming incidences of GBV.
SHE HAS also suggested that in the long term there is need to invest in schools by having more anti-GBV Messages, mentoring and support as this is were it all begins.

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