Tuesday, 21 August 2012

mpulungu cholera cases on the increase

Mpulungu Cholera Cases Have Increased From The Previous Reported Number Of 52 Cases To About 68 With Kasasa Village Leading With 28 Cases So Far.

Health Statistics Depict That 8 Other Cases Have Been Recorded From Sondwa,7 From Mupata,6 From Onzye,5 From Zanga,4 From Posa,2 From Lakeside,1 From Location,1 From Ngwenye, And Single Cases From Muzabwela, Chituta, Kapembwa, Kasakalabwe And Musende.
It Has Been Reported That Children Under 5 Are The Most Affected Including The Age Group Between 15-34 Years.
This Came To Light During The Cholera Preparedness Committee Meeting Held In The Council Chamber Chaired By The District Commissioner Juliana Chuzu.
The District Commissioner Disclosed That There Will Be Chlorine Distribution At Most Water Drawing Points And Fishing Camps And Water Boreholes Will Be Set Up To Help Mitigate The Epidemic.

And Health Inspectors Have Imposed A Strong Ban Against The Selling Of Disposed Off Bwana Drink As It May Likely Contribute To The Spread Of The Epidemic.
Recently, Government   Banned Any Sorts Of Gatherings Including Funerals To Comply With Prevention Regulations That Helps Stem The Outbreak.
And Northern Province Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba Directed The District Commissioner, Ms Juliana Chuzu To Ensure That Communities Abided By The Instructions.
Mr. Mwamba Also Directed Chambeshi Water Company To Ensure That They Restored Water Supply To Mpulungu Townships Following The Breakdown Of Their Service On Friday 17th August 2012.
He Feared That If Water Supply Was Not Restored Immediately, It Would Worsen Or Undermine The Prevention Mechanisms That The Medical Team Have Put In Place And Might Escalate The Outbreak.
Mr. Mwamba Has Further Expressed Concern At The Poor State Of The Current Mpulungu Hospital And Has Urged The Ministry Of Health To Ensure That The New District Hospital Under Construction Is Completed.
He Has Observed That It Has Taken Four Years To Finish The Hospital Adding That The Current Hospital Was A Mere Rural Health Centre With Limited Facilities.
Mpulungu Lies On The Shores Of Africa’s Deepest And Largest Fresh Water Lake, Lake Tanganyika And The Town Usually Records Cases Of Cholera During Rainy Seasons.
This Is Mostly Due To Unhygienic Conditions And Lack Of Latrines And Toilets In Fishing Villages.

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