Monday, 6 August 2012

Opposition MMD tells gov't to take full responsibility of the choas that occured in sinazeze's mamba coacl mine

opposition MMD has told government through the minister of labour fackson shamenda to take full responsibility of the chaos that occurred in sinazeze because of its failure to consult before landmark decision are made.

Last week one Chinese mine manager was killed by workers demanding to be paid the newly introduced minimum age.
And MMD HAs demanded that government should suspended the statutory instrument on the minimum age until adequate consultations between employers and employees association and itself are effectively concluded.
MMD chairperson for mines and minerals development Maxwell mwale has noted that most employers will resort to dismissing their workers in order to cover the corresponding increase in the cost of production.
Mr. mwale says there is need for the minister of labour Mr. shamenda to re-engage other stakeholders to restore confidence in the labour market and avoid job losses in the country which he said has a high unemployment rate.
Mr. Mwale said this in an interview when his party sent a message of condolences to the Chinese investors at mamba collum coal mine were workers killed a chinese mine manager demanding the enactment and payment of new minimum wage.
And Mr. Mwale says the arrogance exhibited by Mr. shamenda has created uncertainty in terms of job security for Zambians and viability of some operation hence government must suspend the statutory instrument on the minimum wage.
He says the enactment of the minimum wage will throw many Zambian workers on the streets with the attendant social evils at a time that the PF government is suppose to create jobs for the youths in line with its campaign promises.

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