Sunday, 19 August 2012

Rise in abortion cases Worries residents of KAVU farming blocks in ndola

Residents of KAVU farming bloc in Ndola rural have bemoaned the high numbers of abortion cases recorded in the area in the last few months.

A resident of Kavu  Del-gracious Chanda says despite some women who are involved in these inhuman activities have been harshly punished by the long arm of the law others have continued to embrace abortion.
Mr. Chanda earlier said that the farming bloc recorded a shocking case when young boys found a seven months dead body of a baby in  a rubbish pit covered in packets of the opaque  beer packets of shake-shake.
He said that the boys reported what they had seeing in the rubbish to the elders who later notified the Police and investigations were immediately instituted which led to the arrest of a twenty-Eight year old woman of Zambia Compound a few meters away from the farming bloc.
Mr. Chanda says the woman who aborted the baby was identified as Mary Chola  was taken to KAVU Health Centre for medical examinations and the health personnel diagnosed her that she has terminated a pregnancy of seven months.
He says Ms Chola is in Police custody at Ndola Central Police pending to appear in court after she admitted of doing the evil act.
Mr. Chanda has appealed to organizations dealing in the welfare of women and other stakeholders to hold sensitization and Education programmes about the dangers of abortion to young women in Kavu to deter others of committing similar offenses

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