Monday, 20 August 2012

Zambia's eastern province minister challenges SADC region media to lead the way in telling success stories and projects being implemented.

Eastern province minister Charles banda has challenged the media in the country and the SADC region at large to lead the way in telling the success stories and projects the region is implementing positively to the outside world.
MR BANDA says regions such as the southern African development community (SADC) have recorded economic progress which has not been highlighted positively by the local media.
He says there are people in the outside world who can not believe the development which is taking place and still want to portray regions such as SADC and the rest of Africa as a continent characterized by conflict, disease, poverty, under-achievement and under development.
Mr. Banda has stated that the lesson from this situation must teach Africa and regional blocks like SADC and COMESA that the world owes Africa no obligation to market it and what is taking place in terms of development.
In addition Mr. Banda says investments such as the chipata-mchinji railway, are unarguable that SADC region has and continues to score landmark achievements in various sectors since inception 20years ago.
He has noted that it is SADC region that will host the prestigious United Nations world tourism organization general assembly next year adding that this is a milestone in economic development.
Mr. Banda has also pointed out that the SADC region has also scored a first in leadership and governance circles by having the first ever female leader heading the African union.
And the Malawian ministry of transport and public works principal rail transport officer justice victor mtanda says in complimenting Mozambique-Zambia and Malawi to ensure that the chipata-mchinji railway line is operational, his government will provide about $8million for railway spot maintenance.
He says his government is committed to ensuring that the chipata mchinji railway which will be connected to the Malawian railway network is operational as it has many economic benefits to the three countries and other SADC MEMBERS STATES.
Mr. mtanda disclosed this when a group of journalists from Zambia toured the mchinji railway line project during this year’s SADC media day which was on 17th of august in Malawi and hosted by Zambia in chipata.

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