Thursday, 30 August 2012

zambia's exports increase by 40.8percent.

Zambia’s total value of exports has increased from 3,533.6 billion kwacha in June top 3,819.6 billion kwacha in July 2012.

Top on the list of the metals which the country exported is copper

with Switzerland accounting for 83.6percent.

Central Statistical Office Director of Census and Statistics John Kalumbi has disclosed that the overall contribution of metals and their products to the total earnings in July and June averaged about 70.3 percent.

Mr. Kalumbi says the share of Non-traditional exports (NTEs) recorded an average of about 29.7 percent in revenue earnings between July and June 2012.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kalumbi has disclosed the major export destinations in July 2012 as Switzerland which accounted for 40.8 percent.

He says the major products to Switzerland were cathodes and sections of cathodes or refined copper accounting for 83.6 percent.

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