Monday, 6 August 2012

Zambian gov't calls on all COMESA to endorse the reghional bodies social charter

The Zambian Government Has Called On The Common Market For Eastern And Southern African (COMESA) Countries To Endorse What Has Been Highlighted In The Draft COMESA Social Charter As The Basis For Social And Cultural Development In The Region.

Gender And Child Development Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale Says This Will Create A Platform That Will Popularize And Facilitate The Domestication Of The Social Development Framework Development By The African Union Commission.
Mrs. Mutale Says This Will Also Give Impetus To COMESA Member States To Take Social And Cultural Development Issues As An Integral Part Of The Key Pillars Of National Development Strategies.
She Has Noted That The Social Sector Plays A Significant Role In Achieving Economic Development Specifically Towards The Promotion Of Trade In The COMESA Region.
Mrs. Mutale Says The COMESA Member States National Development Policies And Programmes Should Seek To Answer The Challenges They Are Facing With Definite Plans Designed Towards Enhancing The Potential Of The Social Sector.
She Says The Social Sector If Properly Harnessed Offers A Multitude Of Opportunities For Development In Areas Of Vital Significance, Especially For Developing Countries Like Those In COMESA Region.
Mrs. Mutale Has However Cautioned The COMESA Regional Member States To Take Into Account Good And Bad Cultural Norms By Stating That There Is Need To Do Away With Bad Ones And Remain With Those Which Promote Development.
The Gender And Child Development Permanent Secretary Said This When She Officially Opened A Two Day Regional Meeting On The COMESA Social Charter In Lusaka Today.
And COMESA Secretary General Sindiso Ngwenya Has Explained That The Creation Of The Gender And Social Affairs Division By The COMESA Authority In 2008 Has Resulted In Increased Involvement In Social Development Issues, Such As Health, Education, Migration, Youth Empowerment And Labour Issues.
Mr. Ngwenya Says The Mandate For COMESA To Involve Itself In Social Development Issues Is Derived From The 2011-2015 Medium Term Strategic Plans.
He Says Medium Term Strategic Plans Acknowledge Inter-Linkages Between The Regional Integration Agenda In The Broadest Sense And Cross-Cutting Issues Such As Gender, HIV and AIDS, Tb And Malaria, Human Rights And Drug Abuse, Employment And Working Conditions, Labour Laws And Immigration Policies

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