Wednesday, 28 March 2012

CCPC appoints 60 local authority inspectors to enforce devolution of powers

The Competition And Consumer Protection Commission Has Appointed 60 Inspectors From Local Authorities To Enforce Devolution Of Powers And Further Its Work As Provided For Under The Competition And Consumer Protection Act.
Meanwhile Government Has Directed All Law Enforcement Agencies In The Country Such As The Competition And Consumer Protection Commission (Ccpc) To Enforce The Law In Accordance To Their Mandate If Sanity Has To Be Brought In All The Institutions.
Speaking When He Officially Opened The Inspectors Inception Workshop For Ccpc, Commerce, Trade And Industry Domestic Trade Director Ambassador Albert Muchanga Says The Law Enforcement Agencies Should Not Sit On Laws But Ensure That They Remain Vigilant And Enforce Them Accordingly.
Ambassador Muchanga Says The Devolution Of Powers By Appointing 60 Inspectors By The Ccpc Must Ensure That The Interest Of Consumers Are Protected And Ensure That The Commission Is Visible.
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And Ambassador Muchanga Has Noted That Decentralization Is The Cornerstone Of The Pf Government’s Policy To Ensure That There Is Devolution Of Authority In Decision Making To Lower Levels On Matter Of Consumer Protection.
He Says At The Heart Of Decentralization Is The Fostering Of Greater Social Collision And Stability And The Policy Is To Have Solutions Tailored Dependent On Local Problems And Should Reflect Problems In A Particular Community.
Ambassador Muchanga Says The Government’s Intention Is Not Only To Decentralize But To Give Powers To Its People However The Reference Should Be Made From Police Guidelines For Alignment And Quality Control Purposes.
He Says Government Takes Cognizance On The Need To Address The Issues Of Having Competitive Market Structures And Protection Of Consumers As Stipulated In The Ccpc Policy Of 2009 In View Of The Fact That Promotion Of Competition And Consumer Protection Is Complimentary.
Ambassador Muchanga Says Government Will Work Towards Developing And Facilitating An Environment Which Is Transparent, Equitable And Efficient And Provide Procedure Fairness For Business And Consumers To Ensure That Consumers Benefit From Increased Competition.
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And Ccpc Board Chairperson Bernard Chiwala Has Explained That Because Of The Lack Of Commission Presence In Other Parts Of The Country, Enforcement Of The Act Particularly In Circumstances Where Officers Are Supposed To Be Physically Present Has Proved To A Challenge.
Mr. Chiwala In Addition Says This Has Been Expensive For Consumers In Far Flung Areas To Bring Their Consumer Complaints To The Commission Especially Those That Required Evidence To Be Submitted To The Commission.
He Says The 60 Inspectors Will Be The Primary Focal Persons In Their Respective Jurisdictions And Will Form The First Point Of Interaction With Consumers Hence It Is Important That They Also Familiarize Themselves With The Competition And Competition Policy And Act In Order To Discharge The Duty Effectively And Efficiently.

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