Sunday, 11 March 2012

open society foundation calls on government to unveil a marshal plan which will address youth unemployment as the country celebrates youth day.

A youth non government organization open society foundation has called on the government to unveil a marshal plan to address youth unemployment as the country celebrates youth day tomorrow.
Open society foundation national coordinator Sunday Chanda says the PF Government has an opportunity to announce landmark policy decisions.
Mr. Chanda adds that the Youths must reject any speeches without a comprehensive plan being unveiled by Government tomorrow and Millions of youths are out of work and Government cannot seat back and watch them condemned to being a 'lost generation' of Zambians. 
He says it is high time government realized that the youth unemployment problem is huge and will not be addressed by cosmetic speeches that characterize youth day celebrations.
The open society foundation national coordinator has noted that youth unemployment has passed the acceptable mark and this spells doom for the future generation because majority of those between 16- to 35-year-olds are unemployed and this is the reality for over 7 million youth people without jobs which is an enormous waste of human potential.
He says the 7 million young people must become government's priority as failure to do that will cause a serious backlash from these voters if the idea of a lack of youth jobs takes hold in the public imagination.
Mr. Chanda has advised Government to use tomorrow to reconcile with the youth of Zambia and unveil a marshal plan for reversing unemployment and create opportunities adding that the youths will accept nothing more than a comprehensive strategy for empowering them.

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