Tuesday, 13 March 2012

zambia's first lady questions the silence by women on issues to do with gender based violence

first lady dr christine kaseba has questioned the silence from women over the atrocities being committed against young girls and themselves in the country such defilement, rape, sexual abuse and gender based violence.
dr kaseba says the few stories which people are reading the media are just a tip of an iceberg more especially that other cases are not even reported as some families prefer to collect money from the perpetrators of such vices.
the first lady has noted that despite the anti-gender based violence law being in place, women and girls are still leaving in fear due to the silence of fellow women on matters to do with defilement, rape, sexual abuse and gender based violence
dr kasemba who was speaking last night during the award giving ceremony of the mama julia chikamoneka, organized by the post freed committee (pfc) broke in tears as she was delivering her speech as she said that there is need to break the inertia on gender based violence.
the first lady further challenged women to stop fighting amongst each other start to realizing their full potential, power and potential if they have to achieve the effective change which they desire.
dr kasemba stressed for the need for women to harness their full potential with the support of their men folk adding that once the in fighting amongst women is stopped, their development will be accelerated.
speaking earlier on, post freedom committee chairperson leah kabamba noted that the imbalance in terms of decision making in the country has continue.
this year’s award of the mama julia chikamoneka was awarded to the anti-corruption commission director general rosewyn wandi

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