Monday, 26 March 2012

Zambia-China-Tazania signs three economic and technical agreement on TAZARA.

The Three Countries Which Form The Tazania-Zambia Railway Line Authority (TAZARA) Zambia, Tanzania And China Have Signed Three Economic And Technical Agreements To Fall Under The 15th Protocol To Revamp The Railway Line.
Speaking  At The Tripartite Meeting In Lusaka Yesterday When The Agreements Were Signed, Zambia’s Transport Works Supply And Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga Called For A Conclusive Answer To The Problems Of TAZARA Rather Than Protocols Every Year And That The Two Countries Should Learn To Stand On Their Own.
Mr. Mukanga Pointed Out That The Problems Of TAZARA Would No Longer Be Ignored Or Postponed To Another Day Adding That The Fundamental And Well Acknowledged Challenges Facing The Company Need To Be Addressed Fully And As A Matter Of Priority And Urgency.
He Says Zambia Is Ready And Willing To Consider Providing Or Otherwise Sourcing Fresh Seed Investment For The Purpose Of Redressing The Operational Financial Status Of TAZARA And A Starter For Preparing Solid Ground, For Attracting And Facilitating Good Prospects For The Required Investment.
Mr. Mukanga Adds That It Is For This Reason That The Zambian Government Has Allocated A Total Of $10million In The 2012 Budget For TAZARA And The Funds Will Specifically Go Towards Payments Of Terminal Benefits For Retirees And Recapitalization.
The Zambian Transport Works Supply And Communications Minister Says There Is Need To Look At Possible Options Available To Revamping The TAZARA Like Engaging With Possible Additional Shareholding Or Introducing Partners On A Concession Basis.
He Says The Challenges Which The Company Has Been Passing Through Are Not Cause For Accepting Defeat That All Is Lost But Building Blocks To A Better Company.
Mr Mukanga Recalls That In December 2009, On A Working Visit To China, The 14th Protocol For Technical And Economic Cooperation Was Signed And It Consisted Of Ten Projects However Only Three Have Fully Been Completed And Delivered.
He Says These Include 90new CDSO Wagons, Which Are Already In Service, $4.9million Earmarked To Buy Spares For Repair Of Si De Locomotives, Has Been Received And Spares Have Been Paid For And The Training Of Technical And Management Staff Has Been Completed.
And Speaking At The Same Signing Ceremony Tanzania Transport Minister Omari Nundu Called For The Independent Operation Of TAZARA Even Though It Still Needs Help.
TAZARA Is The Major Bulk Transporter Linking The Port Of Dar-Es-Salaam To Zambia And The Southern Africa Sub-Region As Well As The Democratic Republic Of Congo.
It Is Physically Inter-Linked To The Railway Systems Of Zambia Network And Offers International And Domestic Passengers’ Services With Trains Operating Between Kapiri Mponshi And Dar-Es-Salaam.
Even As The Three Regional Grouping Namely SADC, COMESA AND EAC Work Towards Integrating, TAZARA Provides The Most Solid Critical Link And Means Of Integrating The Three Regional Economic Groupings And Beyond.

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