Monday, 5 March 2012

finance minister urges financial institutions to intensively train their employees in order to meet emerging economic technology demand

minister of finance alexander chikwanda has called on financial institutions in zambia to intensively train their employees in order to meet the emerging economic technology demands in the country.
and mr. chikwanda has urged journalists to adequately study the
economic status of zambia so that they don’t mislead the local
business community and incoming investors in their reporting.
mr. chikwanda says knowledge and skills can enhance capacity
productivity because it is the greatest resource of any country.
the minister was speaking in lusaka lastnight at the zambia
institute of banking and financial services (zibfs) 21st annual ball held under the theme “financial services sector innovation”.
he said the patriotic front (pf) government policy is to create an enabling atmosphere where business communities can thrive.
mr. chikwanda castigated some sections of the media whom he accused of misinforming the zambian business community on the latest economic strides that the country has made under the patriotic front (pf) government.
he said the stagnation and regression of the economy on the african continent is due to lack of investing in human resource training which has also lead to intellectual bankruptcy.
speaking earlier, zambia institute of banking and financial
services chairperson mukwandi chibesakunda noted that most commercial banks in the country do not have adequate skilled manpower to meet the fastest and innovative ways of banking.
ms. chibesakunda said her organization will therefore strive to train human resource that will meet the laws and rules of banking.
she disclosed that her organization will equip all financial
institutions with particular modules that will increase relevance and effective banking systems in the respective commercial banks.
the 21st zambia institute of banking and financial services (zibfs) annual ball was also attended by bank of zambia (boz) governor dr. michael gondwe who is also patron and several chief executive officers from all banking and financial institutions in the country

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