Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Gov't unleashes acc and auditor general officers on allegedly corrupt C.E.E.C

Government has unleashed a team of combined officers from the auditors’ general office and the anti-corruption commission (ACC) to investigate corruption allegations leveled against some officers at the citizens economic empowerment commission (CEEC).
Commerce trade and industry minister Robert sichinga disclosed this yesterday when he opened a 2 DAYS youth entrepreneurship exhibition in Lusaka at government complex were 49 youth exhibitors are taking part.
Mr. Sichinga says it has been established that about 3.2billion kwacha was given to one project instead of the same money being shared to several projects in pieces which applicants applied for to have their loans approved by the commission.
He says as most of the loan were given on partisan consideration by the previous government, of all the loans which were approved before funding was frozen to the commission, only 42percent of all the loan have been able to work and others have yielded almost nothing.
Mr. sichinga says the suspension of funding to the commission still stands until the officers from the auditor general’s office and the anti-corruption commission officers establishes the level of corruption that took place and people are brought to book.
He warned youth entrepreneurs to borrow the money from the funds which government has established to come up with business which are viable to should ensure that THEY PAY BACK to government so that other can also utilize the same funds.
Government recently suspended funding to the commission on grounds that there has been abuse of money which it has been giving the institution tasked to give loans to people with viable projects
and mr sichinga has also implored youths in the country to take advantage of the 11billion kwacha budget which government has spared in the 2012 budget by coming up with innovative initiatives which will benefit their lives and their communities.
Mr. sichinga says most of the youths are failing to take advantage of the funds each and every year because they all think once they come out of school should be given a job.
Mr. sichinga has stated that government cannot do without the youthful labour force in the country at all levels hence it is important that they approach the ministry of youth and sports to access the 11billion kwacha fund meant for them.
He says the current government wants to turn the positive economic growth the country has been recording into tangible benefits to the people and this can only be done with the involvement of the youths in the country that are the cornerstone of every economy and this can be done with their full involvement.
Mr. Sichinga further acknowledged that lack of skills amongst youth’s lack of access to finances despite the youth empowerment fund existing, most of the youths are failing to survive in their business due to the business environment existing in the country.
and international labour organization (ILO) programme national coordinator evans lwanga has noted that despite the country recording economic growth, most of the benefits are not being accrued by its citizens.
Mr lwanga says poverty levels have continued to remain high and unemployment le3vels have continued to increase hence policy makers need to act decisively to enhance also private sector participation.

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