Monday, 21 November 2011

action aid charges that the 10billion kwacha charged on kcm is not enough

action aid international-zambia has observed that the ten billion kwacha which was slapped on konkola copper mines for polluting the kafue river and endangering the lives of the people in the area is nothing because a human being is replaceable.
speaking in an interview with radio phoenix, action aid international zambia country director pamela chisanga says the message has been sent to other mines that they will never get away with such acts if they commit them adding that it is important the government engages them to find an everlasting solution.
mrs. chisanga has pointed out that the environment and the people who were endangered with this act have a reason and a cause to celebrate the decision but measures to stop such acts should be found so that companies which are fond of polluting with impunity areas were they’re operating from must be taught a lessons.
she has stated that kcm which has been polluting the kafue river for at least three times should have been charged more than 10 billion kwacha so that the company can quickly find solutions to the problems which make it to pollute nature.
the action aid international-zambia country director was speaking in an interview with radio phoenix stating that the fine should have included the ecological aspect and not only humans.

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