Sunday, 6 November 2011


The Zambia water, sanitation engineering and allied workers union has expressed disappointment at the performance of Chambeshi water and Sewerage Company since its inception which it says it is not pleased about.
Zambia water, sanitation engineering and allied workers union general secretary Charles Phiri says even though the union is aware of some of the major challenges the water utility faces such as inadequate human resource, it is disappointing that companies which started years after it are doing better.
Mr. Phiri says part of the poor performance by the company has been as a result of the vandalism which has been taking place in areas such as chinsali, Mpika in which the water utility company operates but this should not be the out most excuse for offering poor services to its clients.
Meanwhile Mr. Phiri says the union is interested in seen people who engage themselves in vandalism brought to book and charged for what they do adding that the vice makes government to waste tax payers’ money.
Most of the water utility companies have linked there poor service provision due to lack of adequate resources and investment however efforts are being made to increase investment through the development and implementation of both national rural and urban water  supply and sanitation programme under the ministry of local government and housing.
The programmes are intended to speed up the achievement of millennium development goals and meet the governments’ vision of universal coverage

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