Friday, 18 November 2011

FFTUZ calls on stakeholders in the country not to politicise the appointment of the committee of exparts to draft the new constitution

The federation of free trade union of Zambia (FFTUZ) has called on stakeholders in the country not to politicize the appointment of a committee of experts to draft the new republican constitution but only feel sorry for tax payers and let the work be done in a cost effective manner.
FTUZ President Joyce Nonde Simukoko says the country should not politicize the matter and waste time on unnecessary debates as it is not possible to include everybody in the committee.
Mrs. Simukoko says the focus of every person in the country should be to get the process down in a right manner and give the nation a good constitution through participating in the process as the terms of reference for the committee of experts include consultations with the public at provincial level and other sectors.
She says although FFTUZ boycotted the NCC, it is in support of the smaller committee of experts as it is most tenable and cost effective way to draft the new constitution learning from the wastage that was incurred by the bloated national constitutional conference.
The FFTUZ president has stated that the building blocks for the new constitution are already available for the committee of experts to come up with a good constitution.
Meanwhile Mrs. Simukoko has appealed to president Sata to complete the constitution making process within the one year time frame as failure is not an option.
She says enacting a good constitution that espouses the views of the people as expressed in the previous constitution review reports will refine the country’s democracy, sharpen its governance and set Zambia on a new developmental path.

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